Why Refer Mammoth Restoration & Reconstruction?

Why Refer Mammoth Restoration & Reconstruction?
Why Refer Mammoth Restoration & Reconstruction?

Mammoth Restoration has been offering rapid response to mold, fire, smoke and water damage to South Jersey homes and businesses for over 25 years, which translates into peace of mind for our customers.

Over the years, we have learned the value of ensuring uncompromised residential and commercial restoration services – a mission that runs deep in our roots.

Your satisfaction and comfort are our foremost priorities. This is an objective that is only achievable with your help. Our teams and tools are all state-of-the-art, but if we take you out of the equation, the math doesn't really work. Trusting us to restore your clients' homes and businesses plays an important role in shaping who we are as a company.

Who We Are – The People

At Mammoth Restoration, we understand what you're going through when disaster strikes, and we are always ready to come to your aid. Disasters can be stressful even during "normal" times, let alone during the pandemic!

With us, it's a simple matter of calling our office and letting us take care of the rest.

The people you'll be working with – our technicians and project managers – are highly trained, have their backgrounds checked regularly, and are passionate about serving others. Our incredible team makes us reliable to work with and easy to refer!

Helping You Settle Claims

Over the years, we have had extensive experience, not just working to restore damaged homes and businesses in South Jersey, but also helping clients navigate through the insurance claims process. We work very closely with all national and regional insurance companies and can therefore help smooth out the claims process – not just for the client but the insurance community as well!

We understand how difficult attracting and retaining clients in the insurance industry is, so we work hard, rain or shine, to ensure that those you refer us to will think of you as their hero!

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If you, your loved ones, friends, or a client have experienced mold, fire/smoke or water damage in South Jersey, refer them to us. We won't let you, or them, down!

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