Space Heater Safety Precautions

Space Heater Safety Precautions

If you're planning on buying a space heater and are worried about it being a fire hazard, here is a quick guide including safety precautions you should take.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a majority of fires in the US were a result of space heaters, with most of them occurring from December to February. The graph below shows the findings of fire damage restoration companies between 2012-16 with regards to fire due to heating equipment.

Home Fires from Space Heaters

This shows that space heater safety training is essential to ensure you and your family's safety, so we're going to discuss some of those precautions.

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Space heater safety is vital to avoid fire damage to your home or workplace. If you'd like to learn more about keeping your house safe, call Mammoth Restoration today at 609.859.5600 for advice on the right space heater for your place, or for fire damage restoration services!

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