Should Insurance Agents Get Involved in Fire Damage Recovery?

Should Insurance Agents Get Involved in Fire Damage Recovery?
Should Insurance Agents Get Involved in Fire Damage Recovery?

Here is a quick overview of the benefits insurance agents can reap from getting involved in the fire damage recovery process right from the beginning.

Whenever there is a fire, it's not just the first responders considered to be the heroes. For homeowners, a hero can be anyone that helps them get back to their regular life quickly and in the most cost-effective way.

As an insurance agent, your clients typically call on you to service their accounts for things like adding and dropping cars, changing deductibles, increasing coverage, and perhaps getting coverage for a second home.

In our experience, when someone has significant damage and the local agency shows some interest, it goes a long way! When it comes to claims, there is less of an opportunity for you to get involved; however, we'd like to share some thoughts on how you might be able to impact their experience with you and the carrier you represent during this difficult time. Here are 5 questions to consider, along with insights we've gathered by talking with thousands of clients over the past 25 years.

  1. Are we too quick to tell them to call the 800 number?

    When an insured calls their local agency after experience fire damage and they are told they don't get involved in claims and they should call the 800 number to the carrier, an insured can feel as if the agent doesn't care about them – even though we know that's not the intention.

  2. Is our team empathetic?

    Your office has probably had dozens or hundreds of calls related to property damage over the years. It's helpful to remember that this might be the first time your client has experienced this type of event.

  3. When our client has some type of property damage, how can we be helpful?

    What resources can you offer in their time of need? Aside from a referral to a property damage restoration company, what else might they need?

  4. Is their deductible high enough that it might not make sense for them to file a claim?

    This doesn't come up very often in the case of a fire, however, when it comes to water damage, sometimes it might not make sense for your client to file a claim until they get a better understanding of the costs involved to correct the problem. We'd be happy to take a look at the damage (at no cost) to help you and your client get a better understanding of whether or not it makes sense to file a claim.

  5. Would the client value a personal visit from someone at the agency office?

    If you want to impress the client, take a bit of time out of your day and visit them in person. You will truly separate yourself from the pack. Imagine the great word-of-mouth goodwill this will generate.

If you are ready to be your customers' hero, simply consider how you can be helpful and empathetic in their time of need. Never hesitate to call on us to respond quickly to water and fire damage and, in turn, provide better service to your clients. Let us know how we can help! Call us at 609.859.5600 or email us. Mammoth Restoration would love to help make life easier for your clients and make your job easier in the process!

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