Mold Problems Without Water Damage - Is It Possible?

Mold Problems Without Water Damage - Is It Possible?
Mold Problems Without Water Damage - Is It Possible?

Despite popular belief, mold can develop even in areas where there isn't any water damage. Click here to learn more about how and why that happens.

One of the biggest problems with South Jersey is the oceanic climate in the region and therefore increased humidity – especially during the summer. People think that water damage in homes can only be because of rain, leaky taps, or otherwise leaking water, but our experience has been different.

We and mold removal services in South Jersey have seen this way too often; cases where homeowners have complained of mold even though there is no water damage or any noticeable dampness. The culprit in this case is humidity.

According to the EPA, mold needs approximately 60% relative humidity to grow. You can have this level of humidity in your home without having had water damage! South Jersey humidity levels, especially in the summer months can stay at this level for extended periods if left uncontrolled.

To limit the chance of mold and/or mildew developing in your home, here are some maintenance tips that can prove to be particularly useful for South Jersey residents.

Prevent Mold Problems Caused By Humidity

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If you find mold damage or spots inside your home in New Jersey, we recommend you call us at 609.859.5600 immediately before things get worse – even if there is no sign of water damage. We will happily conduct a thorough investigation for you and help you identify the source and what you can do to get rid of it.

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