Things to Look For In a Mold Remediation Company

Things to Look For In a Mold Remediation Company
Things to Look For In a Mold Remediation Company

Mold is one of the most difficult problems that homeowners must deal with. Simply wiping it off or spraying it with bleach is not a good option. In many cases, your best bet is to look for a reputable mold removal service right away. The longer you wait, the more of your house (and your family members) are at risk of respiratory issues and other serious illnesses.

However, hiring a mold remediation company is not as simple as calling the first one that pops up on Google or Yelp. Hiring the wrong company can spell disaster for your house, health, and wallet. In this article, we will look over four things to look for in a mold remediation service so that you can increase your chances of success when choosing the best mold remediation option in your area.

1. Certification & Training

Ensure the company you hire is accredited with a regulating body, be it the IICRC, IAQA, OSHA, or one of the other reputable industry certifications. These certifications typically indicate a team that is trained and ready to handle the job properly.

Feel free to ask them to show you the certificate or provide you with a link to check their certification. Reputable companies proudly present their certifications to clients.

2. Testing

Mold testing and remediation services go hand in hand; however, the industry consensus is that both services should be done by different companies. Testing helps production managers and remediation technicians determine the mold's source and the best course of action to take in terms of the remediation work – this is often referred to as the "scope of work". Testing before the project helps to determine the proper scope of work and testing again once the work has been performed is necessary to confirm the spore counts are acceptable once the work has been completed.

3. Insurance

Any home restoration company, be it one for water damage restoration, fire damage, or mold remediation, needs to be properly insured. This way, in case something goes wrong during work, you know that you are covered. Don't hesitate to ask the company for a COI (certificate of insurance).

4. Work Guarantee

Consider going only with companies that offer a guarantee which protects you. Reputable mold removal companies give you a guarantee on the work they did because, with mold, there is always a chance that something is missed. Please keep in mind that with the right conditions, mold can become a problem again in the future, so you'll need to be sure you have corrected the source of the mold growth and be on the lookout for any signs of its return.

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