Keeping Your Home Safe When Leaving For Vacation

Keeping your home safe when on a vacation
Keeping your home safe when on a vacation

If you're leaving for a vacation soon and want a quick guide on how to protect your home from disasters, keep reading!

Keeping your home safe on vacation is an essential part of making sure you have the peace of mind required to enjoy yourself fully. When going on vacation, it is easy to forget things in all the excitement. However, among the pieces of apparel and toothbrushes, there are chances that you might also forget to take care of things that can be potentially devastating in your absence.

What Could Go Wrong When I’m On Vacation?

Disasters may include anything ranging from a simple spark all the way to burst plumbing, or even animals entering your house. The sparks might lead to fire and smoke damage to your place, while burst plumbing may lead to water damage.

What Can I Do To Keep my Home Safe On Vacation?

Turning off main water supply
Here is a checklist for you to go through when packing up, to help prevent damage to your home or office while you're away:

  1. Turn off the main water supply. Look for the main water line and find its valves.Close all the valves just to be sure. Or you could call Mammoth Restoration & Reconstruction, and we’ll walk you through the simple process. (No, we won’t charge you for this!)
  2. Turning off main water supply
  3. Test your smoke detectors and make sure they’re working. They should have a small LED light that's blipping. Or else, you can call the provider and ask them how you can check. If you haven’t replaced the batteries for a while, now might be a good time.
  4. Test your drains or sump pump. If you have a sump pump, pour a five-gallon bucket into it to test it out. If it’s not working, check the electrical outlet to find out if it is energized. If it still isn’t working, call us. We may be able to help you over the phone or send a plumber out to assist.
  5. Inspect all your extension cords and power strips. You should also turn off all electrical components, if possible. This might be a good time to purchase new surge protectors. If you can’t turn off your fridge, fill half of a plastic bottle and freeze it. Make sure it’s lying down when freezing. Before leaving, flip the frozen side so that it’s on top. If, when you come back, the water is at the bottom, there was an extended power outage, and the food in your fridge isn't safe for consumption.

By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that when you come back from vacation, no hazard or disaster is waiting for you at home.

If you face any trouble or are confused at any point, we at Mammoth Restoration and Construction are here for you. Just get in touch, and we’ll gladly help you keep your home safe when you’re on vacation!

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