Ice Damming Prevention

Ice Damming Prevention
Ice Damming Prevention

Mammoth Restoration has been helping home and business owners for over 25 years with their frozen pipe, flood, or other water and fire damage restoration needs. We are no strangers to snow, and the damage caused by ice damming is no exception. We have seen and mitigated countless ice dams over the years, each with its own intensity and level of damage.

Ice damming is a nuisance, but in many cases can be avoided. Ice dams form as the ice on rooftops melts and while dripping down, freezes again. These are known as dams because they create a ridge that prevents melted snow from draining, forming larger ice caps on top.

These ice caps, as they melt, have nowhere else to go except to seep through the porous material and lead to structural damage to your property. As the ice builds up in gutters, it can lift the edge of roof shingles and allow water (when the ice melts) to enter the attic space.

To prevent ice damming:

Evaluate & Improve The Ventilation In Your Attic

Proper ventilation in your attic will allow heat to escape, effectively cooling the whole attic down in the warmer months. A well-ventilated attic will also help to reduce moisture and the likelihood of mold growth. Good circulation of air in the attic will keep the cold air circulated and not allow the freezing and thawing cycle which builds the dam at the edge of the roof.

Evaluate & Improve The Insulation In Your Attic

Get your property's insulation evaluated by experts. An R-value of 30 or 38 is what you should be aiming for in the Northern regions.

To avoid the formation of ice dams, we also recommend cleaning gutters and downspouts so melted snow can drain properly.

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At Mammoth Restoration, we have helped many clients not only recover from the water damage and mold caused water damage due to ice dams. As one of the leading water damage restoration companies in New Jersey, we offer the best-in-class reconstruction service as well. If you need help with damage to your home or commercial property, just let us know. Call us at 609.859.5600 or email us.

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