Hoarding & Cleanup Services

Hoarding & Cleanup Services
Hoarding & Cleanup Services

Hoarding can make cleanup from water and fire damage much more difficult. Mammoth Restoration excels at the technical and emotional aspects of hoarding clean up.

Cleaning after damage or disasters is one thing, but when it comes to throwing away personal items that you stored with so much love, the same cleaning process becomes a lot more taxing. With the former, you're simply getting stuff out of your house because of the emergency; but the latter is a matter of the heart.

If you're unable to throw these things out on your own, Mammoth Restoration experts can help you sort through the belongings in an empathetic manner.

What Is Hoarding?

Collecting things in excess that you don't need is known as hoarding; a complex, sometimes possessive, issue that makes it hard for you to throw away items. This issue arises because of several reasons, some of which include:

Our hoarding clean-up services can come to the rescue with just one phone call and help you deal with this issue!

How Mammoth Restoration Performs Hoarding Clean Up

Since a lot of complex emotions are involved, this job needs to be done with extreme care. Cleanup on its own is a demanding task, but adding emotions into the mix creates an additional level of complexity. We understand this and approach these projects with a great degree of caution and empathy. We always strive to make the transition smooth, ensuring that nothing gets damaged during removal.

With Mammoth Restoration, it is up to you whether you want to be present and oversee the cleaning process or let us do what must be done. If the property owner insists on being present, we'll gladly work with them; however, we've found in our many years of experience the process usually goes best if our main point of contact is a close friend or family member.

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