How Frozen Pipes Lead to Water Damage

How Frozen Pipes Cause Leaks & Water Damage
How Frozen Pipes Cause Leaks & Water Damage

Learn how frozen pipes can create leaks and water damage, possibly destroying your whole house.

Most people are aware that water expands when it freezes. This expansion is the reason why during the winter season, you often hear about water main breaks and burst pipes in homes and businesses. This leads to water damage – in many cases, significant damage. If it's not addressed quickly and correctly, the damage can lead to mold growth. Calling for water damage restoration and mold remediation services is a necessity at this point.

When the water freezes and expands, a blockage is created. Due to this blockage, water doesn't have anywhere else to go, thus causing the pipe itself to expand. In some cases, pipes end up bursting. This can happen with copper, rubber, stainless steel braided and PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) supply lines. This isn't just a phenomenon that occurs exclusively in the Northeast, but typically our area is at greater risk of experiencing burst pipes because of cold winters. But you don't necessarily need a winter storm to have your pipes burst because of the cold! Any pipes that are exposed to the weather and are inadequately insulated are at risk.

How Burst Pipes Can Create Water Damage

Your pipes are at risk of bursting when the external temperature goes below 32° Fahrenheit. Pipes don't always burst with a loud bang. Sometimes water just starts to seep out of the joints. If this happens in your attic, chances are that you're going to miss it until you notice water coming from the ceiling. In some cases, it may travel through a wall cavity and result in wet flooring.

On the other hand, even if your pipes burst loudly, you need to immediately contact a reputable water damage restoration company. Also, be sure to turn off the water supply line to your home to prevent more damage.

If a restoration company asks for more than several hours in terms of a response time, try calling another. It is crucial that the drying process, not just the cleanup, starts within 48 hours of the damage because mold can start to develop within 48-72 hours from the time the damage occurred. Mammoth Restoration is well-known for its emergency response team, responding with a crew ready to work immediately, within 2 hours! So call us whenever you need help and save our phone number in case of an emergency.

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