Fabric Restoration - Recovering from Fire, Smoke or Water Damage

Fabric Restoration
Fabric Restoration

At Mammoth Restoration, we can help you recover and restore your fabric and textile items from fire, smoke or water damage.

When there is a disaster at home, be it water, fire, or a mold-related loss, it can result in a lot of emotional and physical damage. Fire and smoke damage in particular have a way of eating away things you love or value, clothes being a major part of it.

Fire damage restoration can mean a lot of things, from removing debris from your home to cleaning and rebuilding. But what hits close to home is how we care for personal belongings caught in the fire. This can range from wedding photo albums to curtains, clothing and sometimes even childrens' stuffed animals.

Treating Your Fabrics & Other Textiles Like Ours – The Lengths We Go To

To say we take care of your clothes like they are our own is an understatement. We begin by helping you sort clean clothes from those that are damaged and inventory it all. Water damaged clothes are given a disinfecting bath (multiple times if necessary) until they come out clean and fresh. After that, we sanitize again and deodorize them to make sure there is no odor.

In case of fire, however, the damage may significant enough that the clothes cannot be saved. When this happens, our professionals restore what's possible to save and leave the unrecoverable items as they are, so that you can identify them at your leisure and we can create a list of all the specific items that cannot be saved. We also work with you to identify the things you need quickly and get them back to you within 24 hours.

Your insurance company will get involved to determine the settlement amount – this is an area where we also excel. Over the past 25 years, we have helped thousands of clients receive a fair settlement from their insurance provider. We are known in the industry as one of the area's premier service providers and have developed a high degree of trust with our partners in claims departments.

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